The Parks and Recreation refund Policy is as follows:


A credit or refund will be given for any program cancelled by the Putnam Valley Parks & Recreation Department.



Once a participant has been enrolled in a particular program, refunds may not be considered, as these programs are dependent upon structure and pre-arrangement. Therefore, anyone signing up may be paying a non-refundable fee.



Refunds would only be granted if the participant were to miss a prolonged period of time (more than half the program) due to injury/illness and is no longer able to participate for the remainder of the program. When the participant becomes ill/injured, a doctor's statement must be presented for verification. All refunds given will be prorated from the date of notification to the Recreation Department.



Note: All fees are 100% refundable if requested five days prior to program start dates. Requested refund checks take at least two to four weeks to process. The Town of Putnam Valley will charge a $15 service for returned checks.



Inquiries regarding refunds should be directed to:


Frank DiMarco, Director of Putnam Valley Parks & Recreation